Castine Blend is an enriched mixture of fully cured locally-sourced cow manure compost, peat, biochar, worm castings, dehydrated poultry manure, kelp meal, lobster meal, greensand, lime and mycorrhizae. It is carefully formulated to provide an ideal balance between soil texture, structure, water retention, drainage and aeration for growing large, healthy vegetables, herbs and flowers in raised beds, planter boxes or other container gardens.

Castine Blend Organic Raised Bed Mix

  • Growing plants in a raised bed garden is easy with our ready-to-use Castine Blend Organic Raised Bed Mix. It’s also a fun way to introduce children to the joys of gardening! You can purchase
    raised bed garden kits which come with pre-cut lumber and hardware, or you can build your own using rot resistant lumber like redwood or cedar. (Never use pressure treated lumber as the preservative agent will leach into the garden soil.) Your raised bed should not be any wider than 3-4 feet. This is so you can plant, dig and weed your garden by easily reaching into it from either side without stepping into it—which would cause the soil to become compacted.

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