Conventional  3 grams

This packet sows up to 24 feet of baby greens or up to 288 feet of full-sized plants.


Is there any dish that can't use a flavor and nutrient boost from kale? This blend of 'Dwarf Blue Curled', 'Improved Dwarf Siberian', 'Nero Toscana' Lacinato, 'Premier', and 'Red Russian' provides a variety of colors, textures, sizes, and flavors. Harvest baby greens in just 25 days and allow some plants to grow to maturity. This frost-hardy crop is a rock star in the garden even as other vegetables are winding down.

Premier Blend Kale Seeds

  • Botanical Name: Brassica oleracea and B. nanus

    Days to Maturity: 25–55 days

    Family: Brassicaceae

    Native: Europe

    Hardiness: Biennial grown as an annual, kale is very cold hardy and may overwinter in milder climates.

    Plant Dimensions: If left to grow to maturity, the varieties in this mix will get up to 4' tall, but for baby greens should be picked at 2"–4".

    Variety Information: DWARF BLUE CURLED': 12"–15" tall, bluish green leaves with curly, frilly edges. 'IMPROVED DWARF SIBERIAN': 12"–15" tall, deep green smooth, rippled leaves with coarsely curled edges. 'NERO TOSCANA' LACINATO: 2'–4' tall, straplike, blistered leaves with curled back edges are very dark blue-green, appearing almost black. Discovered in Tuscany, Italy. 'PREMIER': 12"–15" tall, heavy, deep green leaves with scalloped margins. 'RED RUSSIAN': 24"–36" tall, flat, smooth, gray-green leaves with wavy margins. Veins and stems are reddish purple. Leaves turn red with cold temperatures. Originally from Siberia.

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