Do you need a beautiful, yet natural look for your landscaping? Then look no further than Swift Straw?s QuickStraw Premium Pine Straw!Swift Straw compresses this long leaf pine straw into a 25-pound package. One package of QuickStraw contains more straw than two loose bales of the same material. Once opened, the material expands and spreads easily. One package of Quick Straw covers up to 100 square feet!In the South, pine straw has been the most popular ground cover for over 50 years.

QuickStraw - Pine Needles

Bag Size
    • Longer needles (up to 18 inches!)
    • Beautiful appearance
    • Long-lasting and low-maintenance
    • Insect resistant
    • Twice the amount of pine needles for a lower cost!
    • Less bale waste
    • Simple storage and handling
    • Premium quality
    • Naturally sourced from American pine trees

    Unlike standard pine needle bales, the “QuickStraw” pine needle mulch comes in convenient mulching bags that are easy to transport from our garden supply to the your project site.

    NET WEIGHT: 25 lbs

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