This packet sows up to two and a half 10" x 20" flats.


Did you know there is a fifth taste sensation? After sweet, salty, bitter, and sour, comes savory. Chefs in the 1800s named this flavor umami, which is Japanese for "delicious" or "yummy." Layers of complementary savory and spicy notes make this mix the perfect garnish for Asian dishes and meats or added to salads for an extra pop of flavor.

Mix includes: 32% Tatsoi bok choy, 32% Pac Choi cabbage, 16% Red Giant mustard, 10% Tokyo Bekana chinese cabbage, and 10% Red Streaked Mizuna mustard

Umami Asian Blend Microgreens Seeds

  • Botanical Name: Brassica assorted species

    Days to Maturity: 10–15 days

    Family: Brassicaceae

    Native: Widespread; probably Eurasia

    Hardiness: Annuals

    Variety Information: A colorful blend of red and green mustards and cabbages with a range of flavors and textures.

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