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To Do in the Garden in April

  • Start your winter cleanup of lawn and planting beds.

  • Remove burlap wraps weather permitting.

  • Prune perennials that are not early spring bloomers. Remove broken or diseased branches from any plant.

  • Fertilize trees and shrubs in early April.

  • Wake up your roses around the middle of the month. Remove winter protection, fertilize, prune, and water.

  • Most spring bulbs should be up and growing. When you see the flower stalk emerging from the foliage, it's time to fertilize. Use Epsoma bulb fertilizer. It's also a great time to fertilize perennials.

  • Crabgrass will begin to germinate when the soil temperature reaches 50 degrees F. Give us a call to have one of our certified applicatiors apply an organic pre-emergent to help control lawn weeds.

  • Prune late Summer flowering trees and shrubs, give our arborists a call to set up an appointment.

  • Come in to our nursery and gift shop to see our new seeds and seed starters!

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