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To Do in the Garden in August

  • Keep up the deadheading

  • Harvest the abundance of the vegetable gardens

  • Keep on the look-out for wild raspberries and beach plums

  • Keep container planting and vegetable gardens well-watered and fertilized

  • Apply organic Rosetone as a late Summer fertilizer to roses for their Fall bloom

  • Stake tall or top heavy Dahlias and Lilies to prevent wind and rain damage

  • Cut back faded perennials to keep borders tidy

  • Cut back herbs to encourage a new flush of tasty leaves you can harvest before the frost

  • Prune summer flowering shrubs once they have finished blooming

  • Keep pruning wisteria vines 

  • Trim your Lavender plants after they've finished flowering to keep them compact

  • Enjoy any number of the endless August activities here on the East End  

  • Take an early morning stroll on our world-class beaches


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