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To Do in the Garden in September

To Do in the September Garden

  • Fall lawn renovation is best done here on the East End in September.

  • Keep up with deadheading annuals, they’ve got a good two months left of blooming before it gets too cold for them.

  • Ease up a bit on watering. However, we often get a very warm Indian Summer, plants will need to be irrigated according to weather conditions.

  • Prune mid-summer flowering shrubs.

  • Harvest the abundance of vegetable gardens.

  • Order Spring and Summer flowering bulbs.

  • Autumn is a great time to begin plans for your new landscapes or adding more to an existing one. Give us a call and any one of our outstandingly talented designers will be happy to meet with you.

  • Be sure to go for a stroll or late season swim on any of our world class beaches here in Amagansett!

September in the Gardens

Along with the outstanding display of decorative grass plants, here are a few of the other star blooming perennials and shrubs in our late season gardens:

Hydrangea Panculata

Crepe Myrtle

Montauk Daisy

Sedu Rudbeckia



Rose of Sharon

Re-Blooming Roses


Early Asters

Hardy Hibiscus


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